The experience of illness together with many years of experience as physiotherapist and earlier on a sportsman  contributed to the the improvement in my health and  initiated to a Foundation, whose aim is to help through conscious movement and breath.

I treated leukemia not as a verdict but a sport challenge. That is why I decided to use all my knowledge and professionall experience in sports, physiotherapy and psychology so as to struggle for survival. The desease became an inspiration to develop and create, taking myself as a case study,  a comprehensive oncological rehabilitation programm. It was a challenge and a stimulus for action not only for me but also for the whole family, friends and acquintances. The effects surprised not only me but my loved ones and physicians.

Exercises shortened the duration of the therapy process, contributed to the reduction of pain and the amount of painkillers and allowed for faster recovery. Thanks to word of mouth the information about the beneficial effects of such exercises spread quite quickly. This way I began to help more and more people. Ths, in turn, gave rise to the Foundation that I recently created. On the Foundation's website I intend to share my knowledge and exercises that I hope will facilitate the functioning and shorten the therapy of many patients. Research clearly indicates that exercises slows the development of cancer, supports therapy and relieves depression. 

It's crucial to underline that the important role in the creation of the programm played various physicians and sports trainers. I am convinced of the enormous potential and possibilities of this program, that is designed  not only for oncological patients but also for all those whose pain prevents normal functioning.




Everything in life happens for a reason. When I was diagnosed, for a long time, I couldn't find meaning in what had happened to me. Up to this moment, I was involved professionally in sport physiotherapy. I was also very active, fit, taking care of myself and my diet, as well as sleep and  work&life balance. And practically, since childhood and through my youth I was doing sports. Then for over 30 years I worked as sport physiotherapist, among others with the National Athletics Team. I had a fine career and a wonderful family. Diagnosis is always and for everyone a shock. For me, my relatives, friends and co-workers it was a huge one. That is how 2019 turned out to be a great marathon for life. 


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